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Safe Working Loads

All products are rigorously safety tested and are issued with a certificate of conformity and clearly stated SWL.

Expertly Designed

Each product has been expertly designed after detailed research with the end-user.


The material we use is High tenacity polyester with a tensile strength of 400/380 DAN.

Temperature Resistance

Heat resistance of +70°C and Cold resistance of -30°C

Small Tool Bag - STB25

Small Tool Bag - STB25

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  • Available in:: Blue, Orange, Red ,Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, and Grey

Our STB25 is designed to accommodate various tools, ensuring that they can be lifted and accessed with optimum ease. Like all our lifting bags, the STB25 is certified to a safe working load which is displayed clearly on front panel to ensure capacity is not exceeded. This Bag comes with a removable sleeve for individual tools and a removable plastic insert.

  • Height - 300mm
  • Diameter - 150mm
  • SWL - 25kgs
  • Removable tool sleeve
  • Removable plastic insert
  • Carbine hook
  • Double velcro closure
  • Additional finger grip aides easier opening
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